Who We Are

We are a contemporary luxury brand founded in 2021 by Letion Ketienya. Our silhouettes are a hybrid of streetwear and the casual-official look.
Based in Nairobi, Kenya we are focused on paving the way for futuristic young rebels.

Our Logo

The INTRIGUE logo is carefully uneven purposefully as it implies that, ‘although we are all different in our own way, if we come together we can make something wonderful!’ (Which in this case is INTRIGUE)

A Few Words From

Our Founder

“Your Perspective Is Your Passport… Your Passion is The Plane” ~ Letion Ketienya (CEO – Intrigue)

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Questions, Comments? You tell us. We listen.

Email: fashionhouseintrigue@gmail.com

DM: @i.ntrigue on Instagram

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